The Blue Elephant

Who can say no to a good beer and wings deal?!

Last night my partner and I wandered over to a local Brew House to see what they had to offer. We were in the mood for beer and wings and heard there was a special.

The Blue Elephant Craft Brew House beers are brewed in traditional European fashion, in small batches with no additives or preservatives. They use local organic barley, wheat, hops and pure water. Yum!


We originally went in for their Pound & Pint ($14.95) Wednesday night deal, but ended up trying the “flight of brews” taster board because we just couldn’t decide what beer to order. The flight of brews came with your choice of 4 beers. We still couldn’t decide and our waitress brought us all 6!


We finally settled on four favourites. A Gentleman’s Pilsner, Sweet Leaf Brown Ale, Red Devil and Snake Bite (Indian Pale Ale).

The Gentleman’s Pilsner was the official beer of the Mumford and Sons Festival in 2013. It is a European style Pilsner with a hop and malt undertone.

The Sweet Leaf Brown Ale is an award winner! It is a medium strength full bodied dark brown ale. It is moderately bitter slightly malty and has a well balanced hoppy underdone.

The Red Devil is an auburn ale with a balanced hop malty taste and nose. This was my partner’s favourite!

The Snake Bite was my favourite of the bunch. It was a lite hop and malt flavour made of barley and wheat.

Shout-out to the great and detailed beer menu for helping me with these descriptions!



The tester flight helped us pick our full sized pints to have with our wings. I went for the Snake Bite and my partner chose the Red Devil. There are no pictures of our meals from before we ate! What a blogger fail! 😦

It is a testament to how delicious they were that I completely forgot about the purpose of our trip! They have a great selection of food, and are especially well known for their Thai food! They use local food when they can, and their menu is awesome!




One of my favourite things about the Brew House is the sneaky side door where they sell beer! This is a retail store where you can pick up all your favourite Blue Elephant craft beers! The have a rotating selection of seasonal brews throughout the year.

Want to check it out?

Here is what you need to know:

Address: 96 Norfolk St S, Simcoe


Hours of Operation: 11:30am-Midnight (Monday-Saturday)

Fun fact: Blue Elephant is also well known for their Thai food!













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